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Yahiko is the son of a Samurai, which accounts for his slightly snobbish attitude sometimes. Yahiko insists on calling Kaoru "ugly" despite her being his instructor. Kenshin and Sano often comment they could be brother and sister! Secretly, he's learning some of Kenshin's more impressive moves like the Ryu Tsui Sen. (He later demonstrates and actually helps Hiko!) He may seem like a brat sometimes, but he does have a mature side, and his passion rivals that of Sanosuke's. I bet when he grows up, he will be just like Sanosuke! ^_^ (If nothing else, he will eat just as much!)

Hmm?  Nani ka?  His first "Shut up, ugly!" to Kaoru, LOL  Thoughtful.  Grrrr!  Do I really have to eat Kaoru's onigiri AGAIN?!

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