hikobutton.jpg (4035 bytes) Hiko-sama is my favourite character. He's certainly the tallest character who isn't a big ugly giant... and if it wasn't for Hiko, the whole series probably wouldn't have started. I mean... he taught Kenshin everything he knows. So that's pretty impressive alone - boy does he know it, he's pretty arrogant, but I reckon he has a right to be! He also calls Kenshin "baka deshi" - stupid pupil - poor old Kenshin ^_^;

This is possibly the largest collection of Hiko screengrabs, or it will be once I'm through! You ain't seen nothing yet! ^_~ I've had a lot of trouble finding them on the 'Net, so I thought, hell, I'll just capture a load. ^_^ Thought I'd share 'em, too. Enjoy!

Hiko just standing there looking cool  Hiko pissing Kenshin off... he's good at that  Hiko standing looking cool... again  Kenshin recounts all of Hiko's bad points. Hiko is not amused   The smirk  Going to fight!  He buggered his head up. o_o  ... And still manages to smirk!  The "I am getting pissed off at my stupid pupil" look   Hiko getting frustrated at Kenshin again  No Kenshin, you idiot! You do it like THIS!  Stare at the blade... quite difficult, i end up staring past the blade. @_@   Okay, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!  All right Kenshin, no need to hit QUITE that hard...  I can't even comment on this one. O_O  "I have no interest in men." Yeah Hiko, whatever you say. :P   Hiko peeking.  That stupid pupil tried to heal me with spices?!  Here Kenshin, have yer crappy Sakabatou, I don't want it...  "Here, take it. I know it won't look good on you but just take it, Kenshin... actually no, i want it! >_<"   A very nice profile shot. *_*  A nice portrait shot.  Thumbs up? You'll be lucky, Battousai!  Right, I taught you the Ougi, now bugger off and leave me alone!

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