Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan These two are the cute little girls who come to visit the Kamiya Dojo often. They usually want Kenshin (or Ken-nitan) to play. They don't really serve a purpose in Rurouni Kenshin, other than to be cute, and to show how good Kenshin is with kids! ^_^

Aw, tired Suzume with the raccoon-girl and fox-nurse   Hi!  Sugoi!   HI!  Kaoru-ni, Yahiko is eating Sano's head again...  Ayame-chan loves Sano...  Helping Ken-nitan with the soup!   Helping Ken-ni even more! :D   They love Kenshin!  We're as strong as Kaoru-ni!  YAY! Gyunabe!!  Those drunk people are bad.  Asleep, for once!  Watching Kenshin fight Rooster-Head  Hai! ^_^  Weeee!

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