oro, de gozaru naa?...

UPDATE: Friday, 12 July 2002 - Did a fairly big update. Something in the region of 75 pictures! There are new pics in every gallery except for Hiko's... I still haven't got any more of him, waa! >_<

Welcome to my Rurouni Kenshin image gallery! I captured all these images myself from the DVDs, and it took some time, so please don't steal them. Keep them for your own personal use, but if you wanna use them on a site, or even if you just enjoyed them... drop me a line, please!!

Choose your character(s) below! ^_^x (Newest pics are always on the first page.)

Himura Kenshin, the Rurouni previously known as Hitokiri Battousai!Sagara Sanosuke, previously known as Zanza, and one of the coolest!Hiko Seijuroh, Kenshin's master... and mine!Katsuhiro "Tsunan" Tsukioka, Sanosuke's best friend, and artist-cum-terroristSaitoh, Mibu's Badass Wild Wolf!Myoujin Yahiko, the coolest brat there ever was!Ayame-chan and Suzume-chan... PLAY, KEN-NITAN! LET'S PLAY!!!!!! ^_^Poor Kenshin... those moments when he can't help just saying... "Oro?!"

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So why d'you think there are so many pics of him? :P

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